Dr Kathy Rasch -
Chiropractic / Healing / Meditation / Retreats

Kathy graduated in 1991 after a 5 Year Chiropractic Degree (BAppScience (Chiropractic) RMIT Melbourne).
In that time she has practiced with her husband Carl, in Toowoomba and Warwick (Qld) in the early 90’s, Maleny (Qld) from 1995-2002, and Mount Eliza (Vic) from 2003.

She has completed further studies in Chiropractic Paediatrics, Nutrition, Childbirth Education, Mastering the Mind and Emotions, and Meditation.

Dr Kathy uses Chiropractic techniques including Drop piece, Activator, SOT, NSA and gentle Manual adjustments.

"Over many years, helping thousands of patients, I have experienced many times the “bigger picture” when guiding someone with their health," Kathy said.  "Sometimes the patient's presenting complaint is not just on the physical level. It may also be on an emotional, mental, energetic, or soul level”.

Consultations with Dr Kathy may be predominantly physical Chiropractic adjustments, or if needed, may also include Emotional/Mental guidance, Energetic Healing and Spiritual Counselling.

In 2011 Kathy was honoured to be a co-author with Australian Nutrition and Wellness visionary, Cyndi O’Meara, in 'Abundant Health'. 

Kathy has also written a book of Poetry ”Whispers of Love”.

Over a number of years, Kathy has developed SOUL workshops, which explore Wellbeing Lifestyle, Understanding Energy, Learning Meditation, and enhancing the Inner Connection to the Soul.  

Kathy also runs a 5-day SOUL Retreat on Maui, Hawaii each year. This Retreat creates a relaxing and nurturing environment in Hawaiian paradise, learning how to Quieten the Mind, Open the Heart, and Live from the Soul.

Dr Kathy runs weekly Guided Group Meditations, for all details please go to drkathyrasch.com/meditation

For more information on Dr Kathy Rasch, including further information on Healings, SOUL Retreat, Meditation and Workshops, please go to drkathyrasch.com


Dr Kathy consults -

9am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 7pm

9am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 7pm

8am – 1pm

9am – 12.30pm (alternate Saturdays)

B.App.Science (Chiropractic) RMIT Melbourne